Day 1 of Divine Decree


Glory be to God!
Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing us into the last quarter of this year, our season of unusual testimonies.
Lord, we lift up your name with our heart full of praise and thanksgiving.
Be thou exalted O Lord our God.
Be thou exalted above the heaven’s.
Be thou exalted in the earth.
Be thou exalted in our nation Nigeria.
Be thou exalted in Triumphant women Fellowship.
Be thou exalted in our lives, homes, finances, health, relationships, careers, life endeavours, ministries, businesses etc.
Thank you for The Holy Spirit that is at work in us and through us.
In this month of October we are to feinforce DIVINE DECREES.
Job 22: 28-29.
You shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established to you. Light shall shine on your ways.
When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.
Child of God, you are king and priest Rev. 1:6.
You are Royalty I Peter 2:9
To make a decree you need faith, we need to know who we are(royalty) in the Kingdom of God blessed with dominion to reign here on earth.
Making supernatural decrees cause the blessings of Heaven to be released into our natural realm(earth).
Beloved, decree is a higher form of prayer. It entails speaking as an Oracle would do – 1 Peter 4:11, without thinking about whether it will come to pass or not. Speak it and leave it for God to perform.
I decree, it’s your season of unusual testimonies and your testimonies will shake the nations.
This month and beyond, when you call, God will answer.
I decree, peace in your mind, homes and roundabout you.
New opportunities and well paid job in Jesus name .
Make these decrees:
1. I decree, This is my season of unusual testimonies.
2. I decree, extraordinary grace upon my life to do the unusuals.
3. I decree, God’s favour upon me and my loved ones
4. I decree, Nigeria be great again.
5. I decree, Nigeria break forth into God’s favour, divine prosperity and traquility be restored unto you.
6. I decree, wisdom to get wealth to abide and dwell in me and my loved ones.
7. I decree, all round Prosperity upon my life and family.
8. I decree, my family and l break out of every bondage either lawfully or unlawfully.
9. I decree, l break forth in revival to holiness and righteous living.
10. I decree, break forth to the right, left and spread aboard.
11. I decree, l break forth into wealth and financial freedom.
12. I decree, my health spring forth speedily into complete wholeness.
13. I decree, l break limits and every barriers.
14. I decree, l blossom and flourish like the palm trees.
15. I decree, my family, business, career, ministry and l grow like Cedar.
16. I decree, fruitfulness in every area of my life.
17. I decree, the blessing of the breast and of the womb upon you upon my family.
18. I decree, the earth cooperate and yield her increase onto me and my loved ones.
19. I decree, the heaven over me and my family is continually open.
20. I decree, all round help for me and my loved ones.
21. I decree,
my joy cometh,
my money cometh,
my testimonies cometh,
my Celebration cometh,
my Victory cometh,
my Breakthrough cometh.
22. I decree, The Lord open unto me and my loved ones His good treasures.
23. I decree, heaven give rain unto my land in due season, and bless all the works of my hands.
24. I decree, l flow in abundance and lend to nations.
25. I decree, new doors of opportunities open onto me and my loved ones.
26. I decree, is my season of great harvest and fruitful.
27. I decree, safety, God’s protection, edge of fire around you and your loved ones, no sickness or plague will come near my dwelling, no accident, no death, no losses, no pain, no shame, no regret, no failure in my domain in Jesus name.
28. I decree, no weapon fashioned against me, loved ones and TWF shall prosper.
29. I decree, every tongue of accusation be silenced.
30. I decree, every plan and agenda of the enemies against me, my loved ones and TWF cancelled.
31. I decree, every cauldron against me, my loved ones, TWF Global and Nigeria shatter to powder and scatter by the wind.
32. I decree, in my life, family, TWF and Nigeria the gates of hell shall not prosper.
33. I decree, heaven-on-earth in all my life endeavours.
34. I decree, my loved ones and l are blessed beyond measures in the mighty name of Jesus Our Lord. Amen!
Thank you prayer answering God for answered prayers.
Happy Independence Day!
Welcome to October!
Welcome to the last quarter of the year!
Welcome to 31 days of Divine Decrees!
Welcome to your season of unusual testimonies!
Always Triumphant in Christ Jesus

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